With this late Summer 2006 edition of Csound Journal, Steven Yi and myself have reached a milestone. We have helped to post four new editions of articles devoted to Csound over the last year, and this has been quite alot of work with all the coding and development, physically moving to different parts of the planet, and rapid new releases of Csound that have taken place over the past year. We are very excited about this issue's articles and are looking very forward to your continuing contributions to the Journal.

That said, however, I'd like to offer up an interesting idea about peer reviews. What do you think about submitting the Journal to a board of reviewers to give the articles more credibility? Would that help the authors, or not? While we're not at the side-bar advertising level yet, and pumping revenue back into paying for the web site hosts for the Journal, peer reviews by our esteemed community of Csound experts might eventually raise the level of awareness for the Journal which belongs to you. Or perhaps you'd prefer to keep it somewhat informal, anything goes, rants, raves, and soundoffs etc. Let us hear from you.

James Hearon


Looking back at the articles since we started the Journal, I am both very excited and amazed at all of the many ways that people look at Csound and how they are all using this wonderful program. I have also learned a great deal in reading these articles on all levels of my musical knowledge and want thank everyone who has contributed thus far for their generosity in sharing.

When I first discovered Csound I was very excited to find a tool that would really fit with what I was interested in musically, as well as finding a tool I knew would be able to handle all of the interests I would grow to have in the future. After years of working with Csound I find myself as excited—if not more so—about the musical expressiveness of this program.

I hope you enjoy this issue's articles as much as we did in reading and writing them, and am already looking forward to seeing your contributions for the next Journal!

Steven Yi