Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor Victor Lazzarini
What is Csound5? James Hearon
Sounds Electric 05

Sounds Electric 05

Fergal Dowling
Victor Lazzarini
Csound 5: The Design, The Outcome, The Experience
     PDF Slides from his presentation at Sounds Electric '05
John ffitch
     A Csound Frontend and Tcl/Tk Wrapper
Victor Lazzarini
Strings Music Model
     Composing with Csound and Strings Formulas
Adalberto Andres Vidal

RAViC Real-Time Audio Visualisation in Csound5
     Plugin Opcodes for time- and frequency-domain
     representations of audio signals

Simon Schampijer
Introducing PVSPITCH:
     A Pitch Tracking Opcode for Csound
Alan O Cinneide
Creating Encapsulated Instruments in Csound5
Steven Yi