Hans Mikelson


I want to thank everyone for all of the encouraging remarks and helpful suggestions. I have tried to implement some of the suggestions in this issue of the magazine. I'm lucky to welcome Dave Phillips and Grant Covell as new contributers this issue. Dave Phillips reviews a multitude of score generation programs which will help you with the arduous task of entering score events by hand. Grant Covell describes a game like composition for piano and tape.

In this issue I've tackled all of the columns. I felt oscillators would be the most appropriate topic for the second beginners column. In the synthesis column I describe some of my favorite mathematical curves and how to use them to generate sounds. My processing column describes a simulated talk-box. I chose this topic because it had been a recent topic of discussion on the Csound mailing list and although I had implemented a talk-box a while ago I had never written a detailed description of the instrument. In the process I discovered a couple of bugs in my original code so if you are using my talk-box be sure to get the new version. Analog modeling is an ideal application for real-time synthesis so I describe using Csound's analog modeling opcodes in this issues real-time column. Last time I described compiling Csound so the logical next topic for internals is adding opcodes to the source. I hope you enjoy the magazine.