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Hans Mikelson

Why is it I always find it hard to think of something to say in this space when I can say whatever I want? I think I need to have some restrictions. It reminds me of trying to write music. Csound opens up an entire universe of sound but maybe it sometimes gives us too much to choose from. Some of my best pieces are probably those that are about 45 seconds long and use only one or two well written instruments. People seem to like "Crickets," "Granular," etc. Sometimes I start out trying to write a piece fifteen minutes long. Two or three minutes into the piece I get bored and go on to something different. Restricting yourself to one or two instruments and less than a minute of time may help to create a more focused composition. So next time you are getting bogged down on a long piece, think small. It may give you some ideas for your longer piece.

Something new with this issue is that has offered to host the magazine on their web site. That's why you see the little buttons on the selection menu. Everyone was having problems accessing my old web site (including me!) so this move should be a positive step for the magazine. It also gives me more space so I can use more samples.