Hans Mikelson


A great deal has happened since the last issue of Csound Magazine.  Many tragic events have come to pass.  The world economy plunged into recession and now tries to find its way to climb out again.

I find myself trying to escape into fantasy worlds through movies and music.  I saw the movie "Pi" the other night.  It is a story of a mathematician who discovers a mystical number.  The number can be used to predict the stock market.  It turns out that it also has a much greater significance.  The sound for this movie is very well done ranging from filtered electronica to heavy noise.  It reminded me of another movie I watched not long ago called "Eraserhead."  I thought the sound for "Eraserhead" was pretty amazing.  I find it hard to talk about the sounds but both of these movies are worth a listen.  Especially since they can now be found in the discount section of the movie rental store.

the movie rental store.