It has been a while since the last issue of Csound Journal, and many interesting developments have taken place. Michael Gogins's Linear Algebra opcodes are a welcome addition and now available to users. Andrés Cabrera's "Qutecsound" frontend has opened the door to the use of QT as an alternative to embedded FLTK. Jean Pierre Lemoine's "AVSynthesis", along with "Blue" continues to demonstrate a standard way of thinking about the functions and features of Csound frontend composition environments. At the same time developers of frontends have been asked to upgrade to Csound API version 2, and many users have also upgraded their machines to 64-bit. In addition there have been several new Csound related applications and frontends introduced on The Csound Mailing List, which are available for users to download, test run, and provide feedback for the authors.

In this issue of Csound Journal Dave Phillips writes about the use of "AVSynthesis", Art Hunkins continues his quest for the perfect MIDI controller, Andrés Cabrera enlightens us on the use of Csound rates, Jim Bates writes about the 64-bit machine, Brian Redfern writes about Python scripting for csndsugui and the OLPC Sugar environment, and my own article includes a brief description of analog synthesizer designs. We hope you enjoy this issue, and that it provides further interest and inspiration for all your Csound projects.

James Hearon


It feels like it was only yesterday when Jim and I were discussing getting the Csound Journal going. Fast forward nearly four years and nine issues and here we are at issue number 10. It's great to look back at that time and to see how far we've come as a community, as well as to see how much Csound has developed over that time. It's great to be a part of such a diverse group and I look forwards to seeing Csound continue to grow and develop forwards.

Thanks to all of the contributors to this issue and to all the issues in the past: it is because of everyone's contributions that we have been able to continue to publish interesting and insightful issues of the Csound Journal.

Steven Yi