This issue of Csound Journal features really interesting articles, each of which covers a very different aspect of Csound. Victor Lazzarini's work with distortion synthesis and Csound applications, James Langmead's explanation of envelopes, my introduction to Processing using the Csound Java wrapper, Lewis Berman and Keith Gallagher's very creative integration of Csound with Eclipse for sonification, and Brian Redfern's guide to making beats in blue, all make for enjoyable and resourceful reading. This issue was a little slow in coming out, but worth the wait. As always we look forward to your submissions and the next issue.

James Hearon


Many thanks to the contributors for their articles and their patience in regards to the process for getting this issue out. It has taken us a while to get through this issue but I think it's well worth the wait. I have enjoyed reading the articles very much and I hope that you will find them as inspiring as I have. Looking forward to seeing what comes for the next issue!

Steven Yi