Issue 14 of Csound Journal features interesting and informative articles about using Python with Csound. Andrés Cabrera writes about and gives examples of Pseudo-stereophony audio processing techniques employing Python, and François Pinot includes an article on Real-time Coding using Python with Csound. Dougall Irving also includes an article in this issue describing processes to integrate Csound with Ableton Live, and my own article addresses Csound's usefulness for test and measurement signal generation.

Also in this issue we have simplified and redesigned the masthead, dropping the heretofore customary digital artwork on the cover, for a more streamlined look focusing on the content and the articles, rather than the cover artwork.

We hope you enjoy the articles in this issue.

James Hearon


This issue has certainly taken longer to get out than expected. It seems that life has been particularly busy for both us the authors as well as for a number of the authors. I certainly appreciate the patience of the article authors and hope that you the readers will find this issue as interesting as I have. Many thanks to all and happy Csounding!

Steven Yi