With this issue of Csound Journal, diversity of approaches and versatility are present everywhere. Steven and I have enjoyed working with the authors, and reading and editing their work which encompass a wide range of techniques and skills employing Csound. As Csound users transition to Csound6 and become comfortable with it, we look forward to receiving articles in the near future about your music, research, and work with this new version of Csound. We hope you enjoy reading, and find very useful the descriptions, techniques, and ideas in Issue 18 of Csound Journal.

Jim Hearon


While reading the articles from this issue, I was amazed at how versatile a tool Csound is. Reading about Csound on Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone devices and seeing how they can be used within a Eurorack setup was both exciting and inspiring. I enjoyed very much reading Jim's article about using MusicXML and Enrico's article on building a performance tool for Cage's Ryoanji. Finally, it was a great pleasure to interview Jan Jacob Hofmann and learn more about his views on composition and working with Csound.

One of the biggest news from the community is the 6.0 release of Csound. I think the changes in Csound 6 are really just the beginning of many larger changes to come. I look forward to seeing all the places the Csound community will go with Csound 6. And of course, I'm looking forward to reading your future contributions here in the Journal!

Steven Yi