This issue of Csound Journal continues to articulate the varied uses of Csound. Richard van Bemmelen's article on coding Python in Blue is interesting and instructive. Marte Roel Lesur and Sebastián Lelo de Larrea continue to shed light on uses of the 3D binaural audio opcodes and show how these can be implemented in the game environment Unity. Also in this issue Brian Redfern includes an article on setting up the Csound Android Library in Eclipse and Stéphane Rollandin writes about a Squeak Smalltalk method of building synthesizers within his muO/Surmulot system. Additionally I include an article on utilizing Common Music and Csound features available through the Grace interface for help with creating Csound scores.

This issue is very interesting, and one worth downloading the various files listed throughout the articles to try out the examples for yourself. We hope you enjoy this issue and also find the articles interesting, stimulating, and useful for your work with Csound.

Jim Hearon


It has certainly been an exciting time for Csound! Since Csound 6, we have seen Csound usage expand from its early roots as a command-line application to become the center of many larger applications. I think those of us able to attend the 2nd International Csound Conference saw Csound being used in many different and inspiring ways. With the recent announcements of bringing Csound to the browser with Emscripten and pNaCl, I see the investment of learning and using Csound paying back many fold in all the ways we can now use it, and on so many different platforms.

In that spirit, I think this issue's articles are a good representation of what is going on with the community. From musical composition to audio research to live performance, on the desktop and on mobile, it is fantastic to see an open-source and free program like Csound be a part of it all. I am very optimistic about Csound today, and I am excited to see what the community will create with it next.

As always, many thanks to all of the authors for their contributions!

Steven Yi