Welcome to issue 20 of the Csound Journal! It is amazing to see the development of Csound and its community over the past 9 years since we started this journal. Csound continues to grow and evolve with the times, as does its users and their works. It's been a great pleasure and very inspiring for me to read this issue's articles, and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have.

Steven Yi


This issue of Csound Journal features several interesting and very useful articles for keeping up with advances and recent developments with Csound. Art Hunkins includes an article about controlling Android devices with Csound and MIDI, listing several good apps for this purpose throughout the article. Giorgio Zucco's article describes a new tool, PWCsound, a visual composition tool for Csound utilizing the PWGL visual programming language. Also Dave Phillips has included an article about the use of Csound in the OpenMusic environment with detailed examples using several libraries including OM2Csound. Victor Lazzarini's article describes using scoreless Csound and includes interesting examples of orchestra-only code utilizing this alternate approach to the orchestra, and my article about emphasizing aspects of music expression in Csound provides examples of expression utilizing several existing opcodes.

This issue features diverse articles, yet each one is insightful, instructive and inspiring regarding the use of Csound. Click the links, download the code, and try out the examples for yourself. We hope you enjoy this issue and continue to find the examples useful for your work with Csound.


Jim Hearon