It is always amazing to see all of the areas of computer music that people are exploring with Csound. As always, I learn a great deal from the articles that people contribute to this Journal. Many thanks to this issue's contributors for spending the time to share their work and insights with this community.

I am also very excited for the upcoming 3rd International Csound Conference. The first two conferences were fantastic events: great music, wonderful people, and altogether inspiring. The program for this year looks fantastic, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Steven Yi

In this issue of Csound Journal interesting and informative articles are included which continue to demonstrate a wide diversity of approaches to Csound. For hardware applications, Richard van Bemmelen's article "Csound GUI for Headless Rasberry Pi" describes running a Python Flask web server on a Raspberry Pi ARM processor, Olivier Baudouin's article on how to "Handle Csound with a BCF2000" is about interfacing with the Behringer USB/MIDI control fader mixer using Csound, and Art Hunkins again covers recent developments with Csound and Android mobile devices in his article "Alternative Csound Players and Composing Environments for Android".

For software approaches, Paul Batchelor includes an article on "ChuckSound" describing creating a Chugin for running Csound within the ChucK programming language, Ian McCurdy includes an interesting article on visual interpretation through sound and music utilizing Csound in his article "Interpreting Visual Phenomena using Csound", and Russel Pinkston includes a very thorough and instructive article on "Synchronizing a Networked Csound Laptop Ensemble using OSC". Also my article on "Swing with Csound" includes information on score practices and swing rhythm timing using Csound.

All the articles include useful links to references and further resources as well as downloadable files you can try yourself using Csound. We hope you enjoy this issue of Csound Journal and find it useful and inspiring for your own creative work using Csound.

Jim Hearon