This issue of Csound Journal welcomes Iain McCurdy as editor. As Steven Yi moves on to focusing more on development aspects of Csound, I want to thank Steven for his guidance, collegiality, and professionalism for many years as editor of Csound Journal. For the last ten years Steven read, edited, and polished every article we have posted, and his keen eye for technical details often caught the small details I missed. Thank you, Steven.

As a new editor, Iain brings a wealth of Csound coding experience as well as experience contributing a large part to the "Csound Floss Manuals". Iain's help and experience is very much appreciated and is very much in evidence in this issue of Csound Journal.

Also in this issue Gleb Rogozinsky includes a report on the recent 3rd International Csound Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. Hlödver Sigurdsson includes an interesting article on methods for coding live with Csound, and Art Hunkins continues his work with Csound and Android, increasing the number of examples included with his article. Iain McCurdy has included a second article in his interesting series on the interpretation of visual phenomena using Csound, and my own article explores the use of linear algebra using Michael Gogins's opcodes.

All the articles include useful links to references and further resources as well as downloadable files you can try yourself using Csound. We hope you enjoy this issue of Csound Journal and will consider writing and including an article soon about your own work with Csound.

Jim Hearon

Firstly, I echo Jim's thanks for Steven's hard work over the last ten years and I am sure that I also speak for the Journal's many contributors and readers also. I hope that I am able to maintain the high standards of editing that Steven was able to sustain. We also hope, of course, that Steven's contribution continues, at least as an article contributor.

I am pleased to be able to include such a wide range of topics in this issue from contributors from around the globe, from the US to Russia to Iceland via Germany and Ireland; a testament to Csound's global usage. As well as the articles from seasoned contributors, it is also nice to be able to welcome articles from first time contributors. I look forward to introducing further new writers in future issues.

Iain McCurdy