Csound Magazine was first issued in 1999, edited by Hans Mikelson. The e-magazine was issued quarterly and ran until Summer 2002. Hans authored several detailed and informative articles on Csound, and included many articles from other authors as well. After the last issue, Summer 2002, there was a period of inactivity, but the e-magazine remains available and online.
In 2005 with Han's permission, Steven Yi and Jim Hearon began editing and issuing Csound Journal as the successor to Csound Magazine. At first, the goal was to issue quarterly, but the e-journal eventually evolved into one or two issues per year. In 2015, after ten years of contributing and editing, Steven wanted more time to contribute to Csound development. Beginning with issue 22, Iain McCurdy began editing and contributing to the e-journal, along with Jim Hearon.
Csound Journal continues to be a resource for the community of Csound users as a virtual place where users can contribute and share information about Csound.