It amazes me to think that after so many years of working with Csound, I am still learning new things about this software. It is really neat to look back and see how Csound has evolved over time, to become as useful to the composer today as it was years ago when it was first released. Working on this Csound Journal issue has been a really wonderful process, and I would like to thank the authors for sharing their thoughts and insights. It is through this kind of sharing of experiences and knowledge that we all learn and grow. Enjoy!

Steven Yi

This edition of Csound Journal offers a particularly strong panoply of articles, each which approaches Csound from an interesting and different point of view. From reading about David Ogborn's Haskell applications, to hearing Hector Centeno's and Akito Van Troyer's pieces, to learning about various Csound Command Line options, reading about how to setup wireless controllers, also learning about PVS opcodes in Blue, and finally reading about how to organize and do version control with Mercurial. It's really amazing how many interesting things are happening with Csound, and from such diverse approaches. I hope everyone enjoys this issue as much as I have.

I noticed where Richard Boulanger is listed as having a piece wiiSoundQuest for 4 Laptops + 1 video on the 2007 Seoul International Computer Music Festival. SICMF has been held annually since 1994 and is one of the biggest electro-acoustic music festivals in Asia. I also know acceptance is very, very competitive since composers from all over the world apply. Hence this is huge for Richard. Congratulations!

James Hearon