Submissions for the Csound Journal are accepted in HTML, text, Word, or OpenOffice document formats.  Templates for the submissions are provided below.  Documents which include illustrations, figures, and examples are requested to both include the images and examples within the submitted document as well as to also be submitted separately from the document.  Having images and examples within the document is useful for the editors to know where in the document they are supposed to be placed, and having the images and examples separate is useful so that we can prepare them to be used on the web.  For text submissions, a clear indication of where images and examples is enough.

Authors seeking to submit articles are requested to first contact the editors with what the topic of their article so that the editors can work on the organization of the article and in case there is already an article being submitted on the same topic. Article submissions that have external dependencies such as images or examples can be sent via email either separately or as a zip file.  Submissions containing large example files (i.e. audio files in MP3, Wav, and AIFF) are requested to be placed on a web or FTP server and a link with instructions on where and how to grab the files sent to the editors.

If there are any questions on article guidelines, please consult the existing articles from previously published journals as a model or contact the editors by email and we'd be more than happy to help.


Download Templates ZIP file (9K)

The above links to a zip file containing templates in HTML, Word, and OpenOffice 2.0 document formats.  OpenOffice 1.0 format is also accepted, as well as text.