Table of Contents

Letters from the Editors  
Python at the Control Rate: athenaCL Generators as Csound Signals Christopher Ariza
hrtfmove, hrtfstat, hrtfmove2: Using the New HRTF Opcodes Brian Carty
A Simple NetBeans Java Frontend Application Jim Hearon
An Interview with Jean-Luc Sinclair(aka Jean-Luc Cohen) Steven Yi
Using Emacs and Csound-x as a Csound IDE: Part I Pedro Kröger
Flutes in Orbit Brian Redfern
A minimal realtime algorithmic system: "Barebones" Øyvind Brandtsegg
Marginalia: Designing a sound installation using Csound Richard Bowers
Working with the terminal in OSX: An absolute beginner's guide Jean-Luc Cohen-Sinclair