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 edited by Iain McCurdy and James Hearon

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Issue 23 - Fall 2017

Letters from the Editors  
Csound 30: Report on the Conference to Celebrate 30 Years of Csounding Iain McCurdy
Building Csound based Systems for Real-time Chamber Music Performance: Part I Enrico Francioni
Robotune: An iOS Application built with Csound< Brian Carty and
Alan O'Sullivan
GLib Data Structures and Csound Jim Hearon
Using an SQLite database in Csound, Part I: Get scores and samples from a database and use them in Csound Richard van Bemmelen
Speed up your Csound workflow with Haskell: Introduction to Csound-expression Anton Kholomiov

Issue 22 - Spring 2016

Letters from the Editors  
Report on the 3rd International Csound Conference
St.Petersburg, 2nd-4th October 2015
Gleb G. Rogozinsky
Live Coding with Csound
HlŲdver Sigurdsson
Interpreting Visual Phenomena using Csound
Part 2: The Stroboscopic Effect and Pendulum Waves
Iain McCurdy
Exploring The Linear Algebra Opcodes Jim Hearon
HTML GUIs for Android Csound6
A Tutorial in 14 Examples
Art Hunkins

Issue 21 - Fall 2015

Letters from the Editors  
Interpreting Visual Phenomena using Csound
Part 1: Futile Movement
Iain McCurdy
Csound GUI for a Headless Raspberry Pi
Universal Graphical User Interface Running on a Python Flask Web Server
Richard van Bemmelen
Handle Csound with a BCF2000 Olivier Baudouin
Synchronizing a Networked Csound Laptop Ensemble using OSC Russell Pinkston
Swing with Csound Jim Hearon
A Chugin for running Csound inside of ChucK
Paul Batchelor
Alternative Csound Players and Composing Environments for Android Art Hunkins

Issue 20 - Fall 2014

Letters from the Editors  
Scoreless Csound
Running Csound from the Orchestra
Victor Lazzarini
Android Devices as MIDI Controllers Art Hunkins
Csound and Music Expression Jim Hearon
OpenMusic: The Csound Connection Dave Phillips
A Visual Composition Tool for the Csound Language
Giorgio Zucco

Issue 19 - Winter 2014

Letters from the Editors  
Using Python in Blue
Create Csound instruments and score with a few lines of code
Richard van Bemmelen
Csound's Binaural 3D-sound Opcodes
Example systems and applications for research and rehabilitation in the cognitive sciences
Marte E. Roel Lesur
Sebastián Lelo de Larrea
Kaoss Droid
Building a touchpad synth with Android and Csound
Brian W Redfern
Csound synthesizers in muO
A bare bones introduction
Stéphane Rollandin
Interfacing Csound and Unity
Mapping visual and binaural 3D coordinates in virtual space
Marte E. Roel Lesur
Grace, Scheme, and Csound Jim Hearon

Issue 18 - Summer 2013

Letters from the Editors  
Csound for Cage's Ryoanji
A possible solution for the Sound System
Enrico Francioni
Interview with Jan Jacob Hofmann Steven Yi
An Introductory Guide to Csound on the BeagleBone and the Raspberry Pi, as well other Linux-powered tinyware
Paul Batchelor
Trev Wignall
Csound Eurorack Module
Building an FM oscillator in the Eurorack format using Csound, a Raspberry Pi, and an Arduino Uno
Andrew Ikenberry
Jason Lim
Csound and MusicXML Jim Hearon

Issue 17 - Fall 2012

Letters from the Editors  
Risset's Arpeggio
Composing Sound using Spectral Scans
Reginald Bain
Composing in C++ Michael Gogins
Live Csound
Using Csound as a Real-time application in Pd and CsoundQt
Joachim Heintz
Interfacing Cscore Part II Jim Hearon
Introducing the Android CSD Player Brian Redfern
Creating Graphical User Interfaces for Csound using Quartz Composer Ed Costello

Issue 16 - Winter 2012

Letters from the Editors  
Resonators Plug-in for Ableton Giorgio Zucco
Hrtfearly and Hrtfreverb
New Opcodes for Binaural Spatialisation
Brian Carty
Routing audio and MIDI between Csound and a DAW
Setting up an audio/MIDI router with OSX's IAC driver, soundflower, and Logic
Andreas Russo
A Binaural Tool for the Audition of Multi-Channel Audio
Brian Carty
Interfacing Cscore Jim Hearon

Issue 15 - Summer 2011

Letters from the Editors  
Integrating Csound with Usine through the Csound API
Martin Eastwood
Csound API & GNU Jim Hearon
Phrase Loops: A Beginner's Guide Jim Aikin
a plain-text score language and interactive real-time Csound front-end for microtonalists (and others)
Aaron Krister Johnson
Shaping Envelopes Interactively
an apercu of the Surmulot framework
Stéphane Rollandin
Circumspectral Sound Diffusion with Csound Peiman Khosravi

Issue 14 - Winter 2011

Letters from the Editors  
Csound on the Workbench Jim Hearon
Pseudo-Stereo Techniques
Csound Implementations
Andrés Cabrera
Real-time Coding Using the Python API: Score Events François Pinot
Integrating Csound with Ableton Live

Dougall Irving

Issue 13 - Spring 2010

Letters from the Editors  
Basic Lua with Csound Jim Hearon
Using the Signal Flow Graph Opcodes Michael Gogins
Emulating MIDI-based Studio Setups with Csound Steven Yi

Working With Strings As Arrays in Csound
Designing a Sub-Language with the String Opcodes

Joachim Heintz
Solo Multiversion for Stockhausen's Solo [N.19]
Enrico Francioni
F-Table Based Additive Synthesizer
Jacob Joaquin

Issue 12 - Winter 2010

Letters from the Editors  
Implementing Frequency Warping Peiman Khosravi
Cross Frequency Modulation François Pinot
Tuning Your MIDI Keyboard
Playing with user-controllable scales in Csound
Joachim Heintz
A User Approach to Sample Replacement Jim Hearon
GEN Instruments
Methods for Designing Function Table Routines
Jacob Joaquin

Issue 11 - Summer 2009

Letters from the Editors  
Distortion Synthesis:
A tutorial with Csound examples
Victor Lazzarini
Integrating Csound with Eclipse Lewis Berman and Keith Gallagher
A Beginner's Guide to Volume Envelopes in Csound Jack Langmead
Processing and csnd.jar Jim Hearon
Making Beats with Blue
Digital Dance Music with Csound and Blue
Brian W. Redfern

Issue 10 - Winter 2009

Letters from the Editors  
An Overview of Csound Variable Types Andrés Cabrera
Composing With Csound In AVSynthesis Dave Phillips
Basic Analog Synthesizer Designs Jim Hearon
The Two Worlds of Csound Jim Bates
My Search for the Perfect MIDI Controller Art Hunkins
Hacking with csndsugui and Sugar
Building Csound GUIs for the OLPC
Brian Redfern

Issue 9 - Summer 2008

Letters from the Editors  
Python at the Control Rate: athenaCL Generators as Csound Signals Christopher Ariza
hrtfmove, hrtfstat, hrtfmove2: Using the New HRTF Opcodes Brian Carty
A Simple NetBeans Java Frontend Application Jim Hearon
An Interview with Jean-Luc Sinclair(aka Jean-Luc Cohen) Steven Yi
Using Emacs and Csound-x as a Csound IDE: Part I Pedro Kröger
Flutes in Orbit Brian Redfern
A minimal realtime algorithmic system: "Barebones" Øyvind Brandtsegg
Marginalia: Designing a sound installation using Csound Richard Bowers
Working with the terminal in OSX: An absolute beginner's guide Jean-Luc Cohen-Sinclair

Issue 8 - Spring 2008

Letters from the Editors  
Realtime Csound in Windows: A Personal Journey Art Hunkins
Live Flute Synthesis with Linux and Csound5 Brian Redfern
Managing Csound Compositions with GNU Make Pedro Kröger
Aspects of Sahnsi and Polos in Balinese Gamelan Instruments Akito Van Troyer and Jim Hearon
dseq: A Drum Machine Micro-Language Jacob Joaquin

Issue 7 - Fall 2007

Letters from the Editors  
Csound at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2007 Jim Hearon
On the Design of Spectral Tools in Blue
A compositional account of working with Victor Lazzarini's PVS opcodes and Blue
Peiman Khosravi
Command Line FX Processing Jacob Joaquin
The Wiimote and Csound
Beginning Steps to OSC communication between a Wii Remote and Csound utilizing the Windows application GlovePIE
Mark Jamerson
Managing Projects with Mercurial
Using Source Code Management software to version and archive your Csound work
Steven Yi

Issue 6 - Spring 2007

Letters from the Editors  
Aspects of Bandlimiting
James Hearon
Developing LADSPA Plugins with Csound
Victor Lazzarini and Rory Walsh
Using Python Inside Csound
An introduction to the Python opcodes
Andrés Cabrera
Perl and Csound - Part 2
Jacob Joaquin

Issue 5 - Winter 2007

Letters from the Editors  
A Pure Data Break Point Function patch
James Hearon
Thoughts and Experiences with The Flyndre: An Interview with Øyvind Brandstegg
Steven Yi
A Csound 5.0 based Audio Video Composition Tool
Jean-Pierre Lemoine
Perl and Csound - Part I Jacob Joaquin

Volume 1 Issue 4 - Summer 2006

Letters from the Editors  
Hearing Audio Quality in Csound
View Original PDF Version of this Article
Michael Gogins
Control Flow - Part II Steven Yi
The Ubiquitous Slider Demo James Hearon
Developing standalone applications using the Csound Host API and wxWidgets Rory Walsh

Volume 1 Issue 3 - Spring 2006

Letters from the Editors  
Meet the Csound 5 Developers Anthony Kozar
Tour of Oscillators James Hearon
A Sound Server Approach to Programming in Csound
Part 2 - An Example Application Using the Csound API
Øyvind Brandtsegg
Control Flow - Part I Steven Yi

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Winter 2006

Letter from the Editor Victor Lazzarini
What is Csound5? James Hearon
Sounds Electric 05

Sounds Electric 05

Fergal Dowling
Victor Lazzarini
Csound 5: The Design, The Outcome, The Experience
     PDF Slides from his presentation at Sounds Electric '05
John ffitch
     A Csound Frontend and Tcl/Tk Wrapper
Victor Lazzarini
Strings Music Model
     Composing with Csound and Strings Formulas
Adalberto Andres Vidal

RAViC Real-Time Audio Visualisation in Csound5
     Plugin Opcodes for time- and frequency-domain
     representations of audio signals

Simon Schampijer
Introducing PVSPITCH:
     A Pitch Tracking Opcode for Csound
Alan O Cinneide
Creating Encapsulated Instruments in Csound5
Steven Yi

Volume 1 Issue 1 - Fall 2005

Letters from the Editors
What a Newbie Wants, What a Newbie Needs Pam Covert
Growing Music with Computer-Generated Sound
An Interview with Composer Frances White
Anthony Kozar
Exploring Tied Notes in Csound Steven Yi
A Sound Server Approach to Programming in Csound
Part 1 - General Principles
Øyvind Brandtsegg

Csound Magazine Article Index

Summer 2002

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Classic Waveshapes and Spectra Reginald Bain
Harmonic Trees Jacob T. Joaquin
Linux RH7, Win2K Michael Rhoades
Developing a fully featured multieffects unit in Csound Josep M Comajuncosas
Simulating hard sync in csound Hans Mikelson
The 10-Minute Guide to Installing Cecilia for Linux Dave Philips

Winter 2002

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Getting Started With Csound Jason Thomas
Working With Csound Matthew Thies
CsoundMax Joo Won Park
Sampling Hans Mikelson

Summer 2001

Editorial Hans Mikelson
News Hans Mikelson
Talisman IV Jeffrey Hall
Real-Time Instrument Design: Creating the Schnackertronics Phrase Looper In Csound Glen Ianaro
Controlling FOG parameters in realtime using DirectCsound Richard Bowers
GeoMaestro & Csound: An introduction to the Compositor tool Stéphane Rollandin
Csound Random Generators Rasmus Ekman
Simple Instrument/Complex Score: The Creation of Composition Zeta (section three) Michael Rhoades

Winter 2001

Guest Editorial Michael Rhoades
News Hans Mikelson
Synthesis: More Csound Drums Hans Mikelson
Modernizing Csound Michael Gogins
Csound : From the acoustical compiler to the sound synthesis ecosystem Kevin Dahan
Using PMask Hans Mikelson

Summer 2000

Editorial Hans Mikelson
News Hans Mikelson
Beginners: Noise, Beautiful Noise Hans Mikelson
Internals: Interpolation Hans Mikelson
Processing: An Efficient, Precise Frequency Shifter Jens Groh

Spring 2000

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Orchestra and Score of the Week Hans Mikelson
Beginners: Filtering Hans Mikelson
Synthesis: Terrain Mapping with Dynamic Surfaces Hans Mikelson
Processing: Pitch and Time Scaling Hans Mikelson
Real-Time: A Real-Time CSound Orchestra Richard Bowers
Csound Program Flow Rasmus Ekman
Espace des Cloches Jeff Harrington

Winter 2000

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Orchestra and Score of the Week Hans Mikelson
Beginners: Simple Sample Input Hans Mikelson
Synthesis: Granular Synthesis Hans Mikelson
Processing: More Delays Hans Mikelson
Real-Time: Bird Calls Hans Mikelson

Autumn 1999

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Beginners: Panorama Hans Mikelson
Synthesis: Csound Drums Hans Mikelson
Processing: Multiple Feedback Reverbs Hans Mikelson
Real-Time: Csound Meets Keykit Hans Mikelson
Csound Implementation of Physical Models of Woodwind Instruments Josep Mª Comajuncosas Nebot

Summer 1999

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Beginners: Envelopes Hans Mikelson
Synthesis: Sound Generation with the Julia Set Hans Mikelson
Processing: Delay Hans Mikelson
Real-Time: Using Midi Sequencers with Csound Hans Mikelson
Using AXCsound Michael Gogins
Csound Composition: Approaches,Attitudes, and Style Michael Rhoades
Using CMask in ecological modeling Dami√°n Keller

Spring 1999

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Beginners: Oscillators Hans Mikelson
Synthesis: Parametric Equation Oscillators Hans Mikelson
Processing: The Talk-Box and Formant Filtering Hans Mikelson
Real-Time: Real-Time Analog Modeling Hans Mikelson
Internals: Adding Opcodes to Csound Hans Mikelson
Anything2Score: A Guide for the Perplexed Dave Philips
Depletion in Within: Randomly extracting values from a table Grant Chu Covell

Winter 1999

Editorial Hans Mikelson
Announcements Hans Mikelson
Beginners: A Beginners Look at Csound Hans Mikelson
Synthesis: Implementing Cellular Automatas in Csound, with some musical applications Josep M Comajuncosas
Processing: Hyperbolic Tangent Distortion Hans Mikelson
Real-Time: Direct Csound Information and FAQ Gabriel Maldonado
Internals: A Practical Guide to Compiling Csound Hans Mikelson
Perception of Tone Sequences and Pitch Paradoxes: A Digital Synthesis Laboratory Luca Pavan